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March 9, 2012 by thephantom

Personal bankruptcies surge in Southern California The region had the nation’s biggest percentage jump in 2008, and the number this …
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The New Rules of Estate Planning
30 October 2014 -

A higher exemption for the federal estate tax is shifting the focus to minimizing capital-gains taxes and state levies. Here are the latest strategies.

An Estate Plan for Your Treasures
30 October 2014 -

Some collectors don’t pay enough attention to what will happen to artworks and other prized possessions after they die.

AutoNation Halts Sales of Cars With Takata Air Bags
28 October 2014 -

AutoNation, Inc. says it has stopped sales of all vehicles equipped with Takata Corp. air bags covered by a series of recalls and warnings from federal regulators who say the devices could explode and harm drivers.

The New Rules of Estate Planning
28 October 2014 -

A higher exemption for the federal estate tax is shifting the focus to minimizing capital-gains taxes and state levies. Here are the latest strategies.

Benefits Enrollment Offers Opportunity
27 October 2014 -

The process of choosing a medical plan and allocating your money among various other benefits allows you to reassess whether you are saving enough for retirement and in the right ways.

Scientists link 60 genes to autism risk
31 October 2014 -

Researchers have found dozens of new genes that may play a role in autism, according to two studies published in the journal Nature.

A welcome -- or not -- for health workers from Africa's Ebola zone
31 October 2014 -

Maine's plan to impose a mandatory quarantine on nurse Kaci Hickox highlights an individual liberty versus public safety controversy about health workers returning from Africa's Ebola zone.

Kaci Hickox's boyfriend: 'We don't believe that we can get anyone sick'
31 October 2014 -

The boyfriend of a Maine nurse who defied an Ebola quarantine is speaking out, saying isolating returnees from West Africa will affect their partners as well.

What 'Lady Ganga' did before dying
30 October 2014 -

"I had to film her death," Frederic Lumiere says softly. "In the film, I'm behind the camera, and you can hear me crying."

What are the odds of 12 sons in a row?
30 October 2014 -

They may not beat the Duggars for sheer number of children, but this couple in Michigan has their own kind of reality-TV-worthy reproduction streak going on.

Mortages After Bankruptcy
2 November 2014 -

Many borrowers who sought bankruptcy protection during the recent recession, which officially ended in 2009, may now be eligible to apply for a mortgage.

Bankruptcy in Formula One
28 October 2014 -

The Marussia Formula One team has followed the Caterham team into bankruptcy.

Years After the Market Collapse, Sidelined Borrowers Return
23 October 2014 -

The return of many of those who experienced foreclosures or short sales in the economic downturn could influence the housing market.

Megarich Plaintiffs, Legally Adrift
20 October 2014 -

I’ve spent my life in finance, but these lawsuits are ridiculous.

Detroit in Deal With Its Biggest Holdout Creditor in Bankruptcy Case
17 October 2014 -

The settlement would end a dispute that has been threatening to unravel other important settlements that Detroit has reached with its thousands of creditors.

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