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March 9, 2012 by thephantom

Personal bankruptcies surge in Southern California The region had the nation’s biggest percentage jump in 2008, and the number this …
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The New Rules of Estate Planning
24 October 2014 -

A higher exemption for the federal estate tax is shifting the focus to minimizing capital-gains taxes and state levies. Here are the latest strategies.

Time to Refinance (Again)?
23 October 2014 -

The average charge on a 30-year fixed-rate loan is the lowest since June 2013.

Medicare's Annual Enrollment Period Approaches
19 October 2014 -

What you should know about coverage choices and claims-denial appeals.

Good News and Bad for Retirement Savers
19 October 2014 -

It’s cheaper to roll into a Roth IRA, but harder for your heirs to shield it from taxes.

A Tax Advantage in Retiring Single
19 October 2014 -

Depending on your income, the IRS favors unmarried couples.

The nurse who beat Ebola is getting back to normal life
24 October 2014 -

She beat Ebola. Now she's eager to resume a normal life -- and reunite with her dog, Bentley.

Timeline: Ebola in New York
24 October 2014 -

A doctor who recently returned from Guinea has tested positive for Ebola -- the first case of the deadly virus in New York City.

Straighten out smartphone slump!
24 October 2014 -

As you cradle your smartphone or lean into your laptop to read this, what's your posture like? Even if you aren't doing it right now, how much of your day is spent with your neck lurched forward, shoulders slumped and chest collapsed? All that time in "smartphone slump" not only makes you look and feel stressed, it can cause persistent pain.

Could the Amazon hold the cure for PTSD?
23 October 2014 -

A former Marine sergeant writes about his journey from an eager recruit to a traumatized young man and why he and other war veterans are seeking treatment from a psychedelic drug found deep inside the Amazon jungle.

Researchers retract diet pill study
23 October 2014 -

Dr. Mehmet Oz has been under fire recently for promoting weight loss products on TV's "The Dr. Oz Show" that aren't backed by a lot of scientific evidence. Now a study supporting one of those products, diet pills made with green coffee bean extract, has been withdrawn by its lead researchers.

Years After the Market Collapse, Sidelined Borrowers Return
23 October 2014 -

The return of many of those who experienced foreclosures or short sales in the economic downturn could influence the housing market.

Megarich Plaintiffs, Legally Adrift
20 October 2014 -

I’ve spent my life in finance, but these lawsuits are ridiculous.

Detroit in Deal With Its Biggest Holdout Creditor in Bankruptcy Case
17 October 2014 -

The settlement would end a dispute that has been threatening to unravel other important settlements that Detroit has reached with its thousands of creditors.

Deal Is Said to Be Close in Detroit’s Bankruptcy
15 October 2014 -

The city and a big creditor asked a judge on Tuesday to cut short planned testimony so they could keep negotiating toward a settlement that might protect a prized public art collection.

Teresa Giudice and Husband, of ‘Real Housewives,’ Are Sentenced to Prison
3 October 2014 -

Teresa and Giuseppe Giudice, known as Joe, were sentenced to prison on Thursday in Federal District Court in New Jersey on conspiracy and bankruptcy fraud charges.

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