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March 9, 2012 by thephantom

Personal bankruptcies surge in Southern California The region had the nation’s biggest percentage jump in 2008, and the number this …
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Weighing New Credit-Card Come-Ons
26 July 2014 -

Banks are once again deluging consumers with offers. We find the good ones, the ones that are too good to be true and the ones that are musts to avoid.

At Purdue, a Case Study in Cost Cuts
25 July 2014 -

A year and a half into his tenure at Purdue University, former Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels has frozen tuition, cut the cost of student food and introduced volume purchasing. They're the first steps in his drive to rethink higher education.

Smart Observations From 'Encore' Readers
25 July 2014 -

They have valuable comments on downsizing homes, reverse mortgages and essential retirement documents.

A Hot Employer Stock Can Burn You
24 July 2014 -

Wealth Effect: Today's young tech tycoons should heed the meltdown of one-time highfliers such as and Webvan.

Can You Really Afford a New Child?
21 July 2014 -

Many parents fail to plan fully for the financial impact of a newborn.

Baseball manager's rectal exam
25 July 2014 -

The General Manager for a baseball team got a prostate exam in the press box while singing to the crowd before a game.

Drops 100 pounds 'marathon' style
25 July 2014 -

When Nicole Durham finally decided it was time to lose weight, she knew she had a long way to go. See her amazing transformation:

This won't be the AIDS-free generation
25 July 2014 -

In the United States, 26% of all new HIV infections are among young people ages 13 to 24. Yet only 1 in 5 high school students is tested for HIV.

Baseball team's GM sings during public rectal exam
25 July 2014 -

The General Manager for a baseball team got a prostate exam in the press box while singing to the crowd before a game.

Sleep deprived? Beware false memories
25 July 2014 -

Parents believe their obese kids are healthy, sleep deprivation can make your brain slip and other things we learned this week.

Detroit Outlines Role of Post-Bankruptcy Monitor
26 July 2014 -

Updates by the monitor will include quarterly reports on distributions, reserves, the status of bond settlements and litigation.

Painful Progress in Detroit
23 July 2014 -

The bankruptcy process is moving forward, but, whatever the result, it is clear that there will be no victories.

Detroit’s Retirees Vote to Lower Pensions, in Support of Bankruptcy Plan
22 July 2014 -

The vote by the city’s public-sector retirees was a crucial step in its plan to emerge from bankruptcy before the end of the year.

In a First Since the 1990s, a Large Bulgarian Bank Goes Bankrupt
14 July 2014 -

The decision to close Corporate Commercial Bank, the country’s fourth-largest lender, came after an audit showed that records relating to most of the bank’s loan portfolio were missing.

Atlantic City May Lose Another Casino
13 July 2014 -

The owners of the Trump Plaza casino said they expect to shut down in mid-September, which means the area could lose a third of its casinos in less than nine months.

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