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March 9, 2012 by thephantom

Personal bankruptcies surge in Southern California The region had the nation’s biggest percentage jump in 2008, and the number this …
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What Investors Can Do to Minimize Taxes Next Year
22 April 2014 -

April 15 may have come and gone, but that doesn't mean it's too late to prepare for next year's tax season.

Mistake People Make When Moving in Retirement
21 April 2014 -

Relocating after leaving the workforce may seem like a great idea, but there are some big pitfalls to avoid.

If You're Not Saving, You're Losing Out
20 April 2014 -

Americans have to finally knuckle down and save more, writes Jonathan Clements.

Four Estate-Planning Documents Everyone Should Have
20 April 2014 -

Estate planning conjures up thoughts of large inheritances and tax shelters, but it's not just about death and taxes. It's also about what happens if you get very sick and live.

The Thing About Reverse Mortgages
20 April 2014 -

Used wisely, they can be useful; without counseling, they can be a disaster.

Just say yes to 'study drugs'?
23 April 2014 -

Prescription ADHD medications like Adderall, Ritalin, and Vyvanse are becoming increasingly popular for overworked and overscheduled college students -- who haven't been diagnosed with ADHD.

Designers unite to end HIV transmission
23 April 2014 -

Every day in sub-Saharan Africa 700 children are infected with HIV, mostly through their mothers. The charitable organization Born Free is partnering with top clothing designers to help end the epidemic by 2015.

How to stress less
23 April 2014 -

Obsessing about Bad Things That Could Happen can damage your body. But it's possible to retrain an anxious brain.

This is you on stress
23 April 2014 -

Obsessing about Bad Things That Could Happen can damage your body. But it's possible to retrain an anxious brain.

Teen went into 'frozen state'
23 April 2014 -

Erin Burnett talks to Dr. Armand Dorian, who treated a man who spent hours in a plane's wheel well and lived.

Consultant to Scrutinize Detroit Plan
23 April 2014 -

The federal judge handling Detroit’s bankruptcy case has hired a Boston-based adviser to assess the city’s recovery plan.

G.M. Seeks to Fend Off Lawsuits Over Switch
23 April 2014 -

The company asked a federal bankruptcy judge to dismiss dozens of lawsuits over its handling of a defective ignition switch in millions of cars, and to bar similar cases in the future.

Bankrupt City Fighting to Open a Crack in California’s Pension Agency
21 April 2014 -

After having declared bankruptcy, San Bernardino wants to make a deal with Calpers to reduce the amount of money it owes the pension system.

Effort by American Airlines to Cut Benefits Fails
19 April 2014 -

A federal judge has rejected an effort by American Airlines to quickly cut off benefits for many of its retirees. American, which is in bankruptcy, wants retirees who wish to keep their benefits to pay all the cost.

In Detroit, Judge Takes Offbeat Tack in Hiring Help
19 April 2014 -

Judge Steven W. Rhodes, who is overseeing this city’s bankruptcy case, is looking for someone who can analyze Detroit’s final bankruptcy plan.

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